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“Young lady, you know very well what you’re supposed to do.”

“But Daa-d, come on, it’s the party of the year! Jay’ll be coming any moment now, we’ve agreed to be there. You know how uncool I’ll look if I don’t turn up.”

At this moment, Joan could sense that she had said something wrong. She knew the look very well. The look on his face right now. 



 Active volcanoes                                            Red hot lava. 



He sprang from his seat like a                



“Dammit!! You are supposed to be grounded, you know that. And I thought I told you very clearly that you are not allowed to be with that dumb kid?! Your grades have been slipping all the way! If I see him here one more time, he’s gonna regret that day for the rest of his life, if he lives to regret it!”

“Dad, come on……..”

“You better disappear from my sight before I really boil, young lady…….”.

She needed to hear no more. Joan bolted up the stairs to her room, fuming all the way.