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Jay took a swipe at another irritating ~~~mosquito~~~ after slipping his phone back into his pocket. Not long later, Joan appeared at her window, waving to him. He could hardly contain his excitement when he saw her. She was trying to say something, but he couldn't hear a word. Then she seemed to be pointing to the front door, and he understood, though puzzled for a second. Jay shrugged and signalled back to her, then crawled out of the bushes, brushing away the loose leaves from his party attire. He wondered for a moment why Joan had told him to meet at the front door. It meant that he had to go past the lawn, and from past experience, he knew that the front door was the ‘territory’ of Bushy the bulldog. But he guessed that Bushy must be inside the house tonight. Still, he thought that meeting her outside the gate would have been a much wiser idea, for he could just crawl back out of the hole in the fence he had come through.

The lanky young man made his way along the side of the house, hoping to get there as fast as possible. The top priority on his mind was not to see Joan’s dad at all costs, for he knew what the wrath of Mr. Tan felt like. As he approached the door from the side, Jay noticed a shape out of the corner of his eye. “What the…………”

               Let sleeping dogs lie.

Sure enough, Bushy let out a growl, obviously not enjoying the intrusion into his privacy.