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The young man backed off bit by bit, stretching out his hands protectively before him. “Good doggie, good doggie”, he repeated. Luckily for him, Bushy did not seem to be in a confrontational mood, or at least that’s what it seemed like. But still, he was berating his girlfriend under his breath for her stupid plan. So there they were, man and beast, facing each other for what seemed like eternity to Jay. He had an eye on the door too, hoping that Joan would come out any moment and put him out of his predicament.

Then his phone went off. 

He fumbled and switched it off, but it was too late. It had startled both the owner as well as the bulldog, for Bushy began barking menacingly. To Jay, that was definitely the most mistimed and unwelcome call he had ever received. He was at a loss, and contemplated running for the front gate, but thought better of it. He decided to inch his way nearer the door, thinking Joan would be there in a matter of seconds.