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Tonight on Lovenotes:

and are celebrating their 6th month anniversary. It is indeed a very special moment. It is something that both of them treasure very much.

The story of and has been told many times by . would like to let her know that he appreciates the mails very much, especially the recent one, which is very touching. :O) This is what he has to say:


To dearest,
We have reached our 6 months! Hooray! Time really flies hor? Seems like just not long ago, we were still friends, then suddenly, we were at the Marina Park on 8th of October

was there that night, and thus we are here now together as one.

Then we had our first  Heeheehee :)

was in the air................

We had quarrels and arguments :(

But we came out stronger and better.

And with time, things will fall into place, and everything will be fine!

On this day, my one and only fern, I want to tell u

And my sincere wish is that I will still be telling u the same thing when we are like this:

But even at that time, we will still be 2 carefree children in love with each other

, fern, from the bottom of my heart :O)


Your dearest