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          Critical Poststructuralist

             The notion of the reader being a producer of the text is directly linked to what has been termed the ‘death of the author’ by Barthes himself. It tells of the removal of the role of the Author, with the implication that a piece of writing can be thought of as a network of threads that has to be disentangled by the reader in order to constitute the meaning. It is a shift in responsibility on to the reader to interactively disentangle the threads in his own way, according to his own interests. This has to do with the view that the reading process is a phenomenological event, and that meaning is situated in a position between the ‘actual text’ and the ‘actions involved in responding to that text’, according to Wolfgang Iser  (in Suleiman and Crosman, 106). There is a very important feature in texts – the gap -  that motivates and guides this constitutive process of meaning production.


            What does this mean for hypertext?
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