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Just as in any other site, this one does have some flaws. These are some of them:

A bit too 'dead'
By being simple and functional, this site has sacrificed graphics and animation. It could have used more of these and still be functional. For example, it could have incorporated a map under 'Contact Us', better graphs/charts under 'Client Satisfaction Survey Results', and an audio/video clip of the CEO's introductory comments. Overall, the whole site seemed too text-based, and not visually-stimulating enough.

Some pages are too long
There were some pages that required too much scrolling, eg. 'ASA on the Road' and some pages under it. There were no buttons leading back to the top in some of them too. Bookmarks could have been used instead.

Shockwave page may be redundant
Though it is attractive, readers who visit the site repeatedly would not be too interested in waiting for the animation to end (especially those with slower computers). Perhaps a 'Skip Intro' button would have been good.

On the whole, then, the general feeling of this site is that it is clean and functional. The writing, navigational features and overall design are clear and useful. It is one of the few corporate sites that don't employ just white background and black text, and I feel it has adapted itself well.

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