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10.05pm. Her pager beeped. It was music to her ears, the sound she had been waiting for.

Peering out her window, she could see him. Jay was crouching in the bushes, looking rather pathetic.

Instantly, her mood swung, and she couldn’t suppress a chuckle at the sight of her boyfriend hiding among the plants.

“I’ll see you downstairs, by the gate’. Joan mouthed the sentence, but realized it’s impossible for him to make any sense of it from that distance.

She tried to gesticulate to him, while lamenting to herself why there wasn’t a phone in her room. Pointing to the front gate, she managed to get the message across to him, or so she thought. Jay made the thumbs-up sign. Joan’s heart was beating fast as she scrambled to get her stuff. But first, she had to find a way to get past Dad.