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        To conclude, I feel is that it is good to detach myself temporarily from all the technical aspects of e-space, and look at important large-scale issues behind it (though there are further sociological and political issues that are out of my scope). It is clear that e-space is not as egalitarian as it may seem to be. Despite all the buzz about the wonders of the Internet, it remains a stark truth that there are inequalities in the access to this information superhighway. It is true that e-space brings with it many advantages and endless possibilities, but we must not forget that its reach is still limited. It is only until the technology - and the access to it - becomes sufficiently widespread, that all the benefits of writing, reading and other activities in e-space can be enjoyed by one and all.

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Introduction/ What is meant by 'access'?     Global Scale - Across Countries

Within Countries     Another Issue - Gender-based Access

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