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        What has been done about the problems?

        In trying to address the global inequalities, there was the Africa One program, proposed by AT&T in 1996, to try to solve the continentís backwardness in telecommunications. Within some countries, efforts have been undertaken to redress unequal access too. ln Singapore itself, we are witnessing attempts to provide Internet access to the whole population, under the Singapore One network. There are also plans and curricula for educating the younger generation and the older workforce to cope with the demands of the electronic era. Measures like these are certainly strides forward, but the problems of access to e-space are intricately linked to larger socio-economic and political agendas. Issues like economic growth, poverty, discrimination, education, national infrastructure and commercial viability are at hand. It is only when these agendas are tackled, that the effects on e-space can be seen clearly.

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