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"My first-ever attempt at electronic prose........decent, I hope......" (Oh, 18 Feb 2000)


The photo frame crashed onto the cold marble floor

is a very very short story about 3 people. 

A teenage girl who has been grounded wants to go to a party with her boyfriend. But first, they have to try to get past her Dad. 

This little episode is seen simultaneously from the perspectives of these 3 protagonists. 


Cast:  jOAN Tay (teenager no.1)
           jAY Tan    (teenager no.2)
           jOAN's Dad (not to be trifled with)
           bUSHY the bulldog (also not to be trifled with)

Director/Producer (ermm, if you can call it those!): kEV oH

Viewer Rating: ????

Viewer Guide:

Use the colour scheme.
Pink lets you see through jOAN's eyes.
Green is for jAY.
Yellow = jOAN's Dad.
And do check out the buttons.

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